Innalillahi, JKT48 Fans Died While Watching the 2023 Summer Tour Members Grieve

Semarang – Sad news, a fan of the JKT48 idol group named Ahmad died after collapsing at the JKT48 Summer Tour 2023 Semarang event. He died at around 17.00 WIB after being rushed to the Tlogorejo Hospital in Semarang.

Hearing this news, a number of JKT48 members also expressed their condolences on their Twitter. Take a peek at the condolences conveyed to the members below.

Sad News

Instagram/ @jkt48

Photo : Instagram/ @jkt48

JKT48 Summer Tour 2023 is a special event for fans in various cities. This event will be held in 6 cities on the island of Java.

Starting from Bandung at Cihampelas Walk, Yogyakarta at Sleman City Hall, Semarang at Tentrem Mall, Batu at Lippo Plaza Batu, Solo at The Park Mall Solo Baru, and finally Surabaya at City of Tomorrow Mall.

However, during the event in Semarang, there was sad news from fans. A man named Ahmad who was present at the event died after collapsing and being rushed to the hospital.

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