Indro Didn’t Receive Warkop DKI Film Royalty, Turns Out Kajol Had Wanted to Judge Ajay Devgan

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On Thursday, 20 July 2023, there were five posts that were widely read. Indro Warkop, Kajol – Ajay, Rendy Kjaernett, Cakra Khan, and Film Rumah Octopus became widely read topics of writing. Read more below.

Pity! Indro Claims He Has Not Received Warkop DKI Film Royalties For 20 Years

YouTube/Youth TV Indonesia

Photo: YouTube/YouthTV Indonesia

The country’s senior comedian, Mahatkarta Indrodjojo Kusumonegoro, or who is familiarly called Indro Warkop, made a statement that was quite surprising recently. Indro said that his party had never received any royalties for showing the film Warkop DKI on private TV stations in the country for the last 20 years.

In fact, the legendary Indonesian comedy group film was shown several times. Take a peek at the full information below.

Reportedly getting divorced again, Kajol admits that she wants to judge Ajay Devgan because of this

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