Indonesian Funny Council Clarifies Problem Coki Pardede Cs Accused of Laughing at the Story of Prophet Ibrahim

Jakarta – Some time ago, Coki Pardede, Tretan Muslim, and Adriano Qalbi were criticized by netizens and religious leaders because they were accused of laughing at the story of the Prophet Abraham in a video content.

It is known that the video was uploaded on one of the Indonesian Funny Council YouTube channels. However, the video has been removed. Responding to this, Majelos Lucu Indonesia gave a response. Here’s the review.


On one occasion, Patrick Effendy, the Co-Founder and CEO of the Indonesian Funny Council, clarified the video. This was conveyed to the media crew, when met in the Sudirman area.

Patrick Effendy said, the jokes in the video were sent by the audience, not purely jokes from the three talents in the video.

“The Battle Dark Jokes content also doesn’t come from children, it’s material from the audience, all from the audience read by Adri, and Coki and Muslims don’t react,” said Patrick Effendy when met in the Sudirman area, Central Jakarta, Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

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