Inara Rusli Gets an Award for Being Cheated On, Sonny Septian: The Ugly Becomes an Award

Jakarta Previously, Inara Rusli won 2 awards at an event, namely the life and romance categories. However, apparently the award reaped the pros and cons.

Including one of them, Sonny Septian, who took part in the criticism regarding the award. Like what? Check it out below.

Sonny Septian Criticizes About Awards

Sonny Septian uploaded a message on Instagram. The message contained allusions to the awards ceremony.

According to him, an award event that started with disgrace, it would be nice to be used as an event for high achievers.

“The disgraceful ones are awarded, the bad ones? at the awards it continues to be a spectacle. It’s as if it’s an achievement and someone wants to accept it anyway. Pity those who really have achievements,” wrote Sonny Septian, quoted from an Instagram post on July 2, 2023.

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