In domestic violence, a husband who has an affair with a man, Meylisa Zaara hooks Hotman Paris

Jakarta – Previously, Meylisa Zaara went viral because she revealed that her husband, Rizka Khoirul Atok or RK Atok, was having an affair with another man. It was even said that if her husband was doing domestic violence (domestic violence), he would be caught.

Most recently, the celebrity from Tulungagung hooked Hotman Paris. Let’s take a closer look.

Meylisa Zaara Gets Hotman Paris

Previously, Meylisa Zaara often gave press conferences regarding the behavior of her husband, RK Atok. The husband is said to have had an affair with another man.

Not only that, when he was caught, RK Atok even committed domestic violence against the celebrity from Tulungagung. The husband is still considered not to admit to the affair.

Unacceptable, Meylisa Zaara then reported her husband to the police. In fact, recently in his Instagram post, the celebrity hooked up a well-known Indonesian lawyer, namely Hotman Paris.

“Grateful to be accompanied by Mr. @hotmanparisofficial. Hopefully my efforts and efforts will find the best way. Thank you brother,” wrote Meylisa Zaara in her personal Instagram statement, launched on July 17, 2023.

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