In Bloom – ZEROBASEONE Lyrics, with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) has debuted with a mini album titled Youth In the Shade. The first mini album from ZEROBASEONE features In Bloom as the title track and features an energetic and summer refreshing MV.

So, what are the song lyrics from ZEROBASEONE’s debut like? Come on, check it out in full below!

Romanization Hangul Lyrics of Song In Bloom – ZEROBASEONE


(Verse 1)
Achimi wa
Eojewa dallajin nunbusin light
Nuneul tteumyeon
Umcheuryeotdeon kkochipeun pieona
Gajang areumdapge
Sesangeul da muldeulyeodo
Yeongwonhan geon eopdae
Gyeolgugen modu sideul teni

Nan unmyeongjocha change
Neol hyanghae on my way
Nochiji anke chase
Yeah, it’s all because of you

Nan geujeo moreuneun che
Banbokae day after day
Gyeolmareun byeonhameopdaedo
Nan dallyeogalge
Nan mideo nae anui faith
Modeun ge byeonhaegal ttae
Nae gajang nunbusin jigeum
Neoege juge

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