‘Immediately Hijab Again’ Derry Sulaiman Reveals Facts About Nathalie Holscher Taking Off Her Hijab

Jakarta – Nathalie Holscher has decided to take off the hijab, some time ago. This made netizens ask a lot of questions about the reasons after divorcing Sule, they even took off the hijab.

However, Derry Sulaiman gave a signal that Nathalie Holscher would wear the hijab again. Come on, take a peek at the full article.

Instagram/ @derrysulaiman

Photo : Instagram/ @derrysulaiman

Good news was also conveyed by Derry Sulaiman regarding Nathalie Holscher leaving the hijab. Through his Instagram Stories, Derry Sulaiman mentions the possibility that Nathalie will wear the hijab again.

Derry prays that Nathalie Holscher will remain strong in the way of Allah. He also invited his Instagram followers to pray for Sule’s ex-wife.

Hopefully istiqomah in Islam. Please pray for Nathalie, God willing, she will wear the hijab again soon because of God,” wrote Derry Sulaiman on Instagram Story, Friday, July 14, 2023.

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