I’m not ashamed, because it’s like that

Jakarta – Nikita Willy has long been known as a soap opera actress who has a graceful demeanor and doesn’t have many problems. Especially since she got married and became a mother. Many admire the style parenting which he applied to his son, Baby Izz.

But in fact, Nikita Willy was caught in bad news when his clubbing photo circulated a few years ago. Even so, the 29-year-old beautiful artist was apparently not ashamed of this case. Why? Here’s his narrative.

Want to Appear What Is

Nikita Willy

Even though he is known as a successful public figure with a good image, Nikita Willy has never wanted to do imagery. Indra Priawan’s wife wants people to see her as she is.

“I don’t want people to see me as another Nikita, not the real Nikita. So from the beginning until now I have tried to be myself, both in front of the camera and behind the camera. Because I want people to like Nikita. like this, it turns out that behind the camera is also like this. I don’t want to be someone else,” said Nikita Willy on the CURHAT BANG Podcast Denny Sumargo, quoted Saturday, July 1, 2023.

Niki then showed an example of an incident in the past. To be precise, when a photo of Nikita Willy circulated in 2017 at a party and holding an alcoholic drink. The photo had caused a stir because her name as a soap opera actress was on the rise.

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