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Jakarta – The feud between Nikita Mirzani and her daughter, Loly is still ongoing. Nyai, as Niki calls her, said her son had dropped out of school and could not study in England because he did not graduate from high school.

This was later answered by Loly on her social media. So, what is Loly’s answer? Take a peek in full below.

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Previously, Nikita Mirzani said that her daughter would not be able to study in England. This is because Loly was mentioned by Fitri Salhuteru’s friend that she did not graduate from high school.

According to Nikita, studying in England is impossible.

“He’s not in school anymore. If he says he wants to look for college at Cambridge or something, it’s impossible because he’s in the first year of high school and doesn’t graduate. It’s not high school where people have to be smart first, they have to graduate first,” said Nikita Mirzani, quoted from YouTube, Sister of Love.

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