I DO – (G)I-DLE Lyrics with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – As of today, July 14th 2023, girl group (G)I-DLE has just released their first English single titled ‘I DO’ at 9AM KST. The song is the group’s first release with 88rising, following the company’s new partnership with Cube Entertainment.

The following are the lyrics of the song I DO from GIDLE with Indonesian translation. Let’s take a peek at the lyrics.

Lyrics of Song I DO – (G)I-DLE

Hit me like a shot in the heart
Never shoulda played you so hard
Guess I played myself, that’s my fault

I don’t even know how to think
‘Cause now she got your heart so I feel
Stupid, foolish
‘Fraid I’m loosing everything
I thought I couldn’t
My whole world is falling apart

Don’t you go falling in love
Trust me she’s not the one
SHE won’t ever love you like I do
Hold you like I do, know you like I do
Don’t you go fallin’ in love
‘Cause I’ma break that shit up
I won’t let her love you like I do
Touch you like I do, nothing like I do

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