How to Make Palm Sugar Coffee at Home Cafe Style


Jakarta Coffee is one of the drinks that is loved by many people. One type that is widely available and ordered in cafes is palm sugar coffee.

Below is how to make palm sugar coffee at home in the style of a cafe. Take a peek in full below.

What Is Palm Sugar Coffee?

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Palm sugar coffee is a coffee drink mixed with palm sugar. Palm sugar comes from the sap of the palm tree which is extracted and then processed into a dark brown solid form. Palm sugar has a rich, sweet, and slightly caramelized taste.

Palm sugar coffee is popular in several regions in Indonesia, especially in Java. Its sweet and rich taste gives a unique twist to the traditional coffee drink. Some people also enjoy adding coconut milk or milk to palm sugar coffee to give it a smoother, richer taste.

Palm sugar coffee has a distinctive taste and can be enjoyed both hot and cold. This drink is a favorite choice for coffee lovers who want to try a variety of different flavors and love the touch of natural sweetness from palm sugar.

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