House on a Hill Lyrics – Eric Nam with Indonesian Translation


United States of America – Eric Nam is a Korean-American singer-songwriter, entertainer, and entrepreneur who is currently choosing a career in the United States, he recently made a comeback with the release of a single titled House on a Hil.

The lyrics of the song House on a Hill tell about the various kinds of wishes someone has to live in this world. In the following, PeekSeleb summarizes the lyrics of Eric Nam’s song House on a Hill along with the Indonesian translation.

House on a Hill – Eric Nam Lyrics with Romanization English

Eric nam

Get a house on a hill
Make a whole lotta money
That’s when i’ll be okay

Get a hit, make it big
Maybe that’s when they’ll love me
All my problems will go away

Yeah the grass is green,
but i wish it was greener

Lately I can’t help but wonder

What if I get everything I want
What if nothing ever fills me up

What if being happy isn’t what I thought oh
What if more is never enough

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