Hotman Paris is looking for the person who found his ring at the mall, until the price spills

Jakarta – A public figure who also works as an advocate, Hotman Paris Hutapea is back to uploading his daily life. However, this time he gave bad news.

The reason is, one of his rings reportedly lost. Take a peek at the full information below.

Hotman Paris, on his personal Instagram, uploaded a picture of a red car. From his statement, the photo was a screenshot of a CCTV camera in a shopping center (mall) in Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta.

In the screenshot, Hotman mentioned that someone had found his fallen ring. Furthermore, that person is said to have tried to catch Hotman.

But unfortunately, the red car that Hotman was driving had already left the person. In the end, the person had not yet returned the ring belonging to the man who was also an artist.

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