Horrified! There are 80 photos & sex videos of Hwang Ui Jo received by the Korean Communications Standards Commission

South Korea – Recently, the popular South Korean national team player, namely Hwang Ui Jo, was involved in an exciting video scandal from his ex-girlfriend. The Korean Communication Standards Commission has even received as many as 80 civil complaints regarding Hwang Ui Jo’s personal life.

So, what’s it all like? Come on, see the following article!

There are as many as 80 video posts and exciting photos of Hwang Ui Jo that were received by the Korean Communications Standards Commission

Hwang Ui Jo

Reporting from Entertain News through the Korea Communications Standards Commission, there are 80 uploads related to videos involving Hwang Ui Jo. Of these, 40 were removed via a self-regulation request before being reviewed or processed by the operator.

Another 40 cases were submitted to the Digital Sex Crimes Review Subcommittee and 18 of these concluded that corrections should be requested from the managing company.

On June 25, a netizen claiming to be Hwang Ui Jo’s ex-girlfriend posted on SNS with the sentence, “There are many videos and photos on Hwang Ui Jo’s cell phone that were obtained by deceiving and manipulating many women,” along with the video of the soccer player shirtless video chat.

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