History of National Tax Day, Commemorated Every July 14th

PeekSeleb – July 14th is celebrated as National Tax Day. National Tax Day is set on July 14 every year through a long process.

So, what is the history of National Tax Day and how to celebrate it? Come on, keep on scrolling Inselicious!

Source: Future Generali India Life Insurance

Determination of July 14 as Tax Day is contained in the Decree of the Director General of Taxes Number Kep-313/PJ/2017 concerning Determination of Tax Days. The journey to establishing National Tax Day was quite long.

The commemoration of July 14 as Tax Day is a form of appreciation to taxpayers who have fulfilled their obligations in paying taxes.

According to the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) website, National Tax Day was first celebrated on July 14 2018.

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