hilarious! Kittens Always Look Sleepy, Like Just Waking Up For 10 Years


PeekSeleb – Cat behavior is always adorable. No doubt, there are so many fans of this anabul all over the world. Interestingly, there is a cat who always looks sleepy even though he has just slept.

This cat turns out to have a sad and touching story. Like what? Take a peek at the story of this unique cat!

Toast, the Cat with a Sleepy Face

Source: Hannah Taff via The Dodo

Launching The Dodo, there is a unique story from one of the found cats. Toast, the cat’s name, was rescued along with 15 other kittens in Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

Upon arriving at his foster home via Angels Among Us Animal Rescue, Toast was in a worrying state.

Toast’s eyes were crusty so he couldn’t open them fully. In fact, Toast is tiny compared to the other 15 kittens. To make matters worse, Toast could barely walk.

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