Here’s the Interesting Story of Susan Sameh Invites the Mother to ‘Login’


Jakarta – Shocking news came from the beautiful actress Susan Sameh who told about tolerance in her family because she had parents of different religions.

Who would have thought that Billy Syahputra’s former lover admitted that he had asked his mother to ‘log in’, aka changing religions. Curious? Let’s see the full article!

Invite Mom to Login


Photo : Instagram/susansameeh

The owner of the real name Suzana Sameh is a public figure who was born to parents of different religions. Having Egyptian and Chinese blood, this Bandung-born woman shows one of the biggest tolerances in her family.

According to Susan Sameh, every moment of the holy month of Ramadan, the mother, who incidentally is not a Muslim, always participates in preparing the suhoor and iftar menus.

“My mother, to be honest, I really love her because even though she is not a Muslim, every fasting month she always wakes up for sahur, she always joins the fast, she breaks the fast, then sometimes if we don’t get up for sahur she wakes it up,” said Susan Sameh in a YouTube broadcast, reported Monday, July 24, 2023.

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