Here I Am Lyrics

South Korea – Here are the lyrics of the song Here I Am by SNSD’s Taeyeon. Here I Am is one of the title tracks in Taeyeon’s album titled Purpose.

Here I Am written by Allison Kaplan, Matthew Tishler, Yun Kyoung Cho. Here are the lyrics and translation!

Romanization Hangul Song Here I Am – Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Nuguboda haengbokan useum jitda
Doraseomyeon milyeoon gongheohan bam
Mundeuk meolliseo neukkyeojin Eyes
Buranhage tteollin geoul sogui na

Tumyeonghi pyeolchin geoul sok naranhi
Sumaneun nae moseupdeure

Ah deo gipi gatin deuthae
Ah, here I am
Neol tteonaon geu neomeoe

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