Here are Denny Caknan’s and Bella Bonita’s responses to Mrs. Happy Asmara’s comments, which amazed them


Jakarta – The news of Denny Caknan’s marriage to Bella Bonita suddenly shocked the fans so that some of them did not accept it and still hoped that Denny Caknan would marry his former duet, Happy Asmara.

Harvest blasphemy after getting married, suddenly made Denny feel furious that he had to dare to speak up, and ended up being commented on by Happy Asmara’s mother. Curious? Let’s take a peek at the article!

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Photo : Instagram/denny_caknan

Koplo singer Deni Setiawan or better known as Denny Caknan doesn’t want to ruin his happy moment as a newlywed and put on a body for his family and wife if netizens really have gone too far in giving slander and blasphemy in circulation.

The impact of Denny’s speaking out yesterday, this prompted Happy Asmara’s mother to comment and immediately answer Denny’s message. In the contents of the comment, Happy Asmara’s mother said that not only Denny was separated by netizens, but many also made fun of Happy Asmara after Denny decided to marry.

I’m sorry if in this case I’m joining in… I don’t pray for your marriage to last and be happy… you’re not the only one who reads the comments and doesn’t feel hurt… we’re only human… apart from that many people blame each other,” write a comment on account @dwiy2_2, mother account Happy Asmara, Friday, 21 July 2023.

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