Having a successful career in Indonesia, Jirayut builds a dream house for his parents

Jakarta – Dangdut singer and presenter from Thailand has had a successful career in Indonesia so little by little he is able to realize his dream.

Being a multitalented artist, Jirayut was able to build a dream home for his parents in Thailand. Is it true? Come on, see the following article!

Build a Dream House

The owner’s full name Afisan Jehderamae or better known as Jirayut has successfully developed his career to become a versatile artist, starting from presenters, soap opera stars and also well-known presenters in Indonesia.

Starting from participating in the Asian Dangdut competition, Jirayut instead decided to stay in Indonesia and change his destiny for the better. In his latest upload on Instagram, the 22-year-old presenter is seen showing off the construction of his new home.

Thank you, Bissmillah, hopefully there won’t be any obstacles, hopefully everything will go smoothly,” said Jirayut, reported Friday, July 21, 2023.

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