Harvard Campus Friends Usually Ride Privet Jet, Jordi Onsu: Indonesians have already made vlogs


Jakarta – Jordi Onsu tells about his friend who studied at Harvard. He conveyed the habits of his friends who play golf in other cities using private jets.

Compare that to Jordi Onsu, if Indonesians do it. Here’s the full article.

Jordy Onsu

Jordi Onsu is known to have studied at Harvard Business School since 2021. Ruben Onsu’s younger brother is the youngest student in the Executive Education class.

Through the TikTok account @jordionsu.official, Jordi Onsu shared stories about his friends who are hedonistic, aka wasting money. Jordi’s friend seems to have rented a private jet just to play golf!

“My friends want to play golf at Palm Beach if I’m not mistaken. Departure on Friday, return Saturday. They rent a private jet,” said Jordi Onsu in the content shared recently.

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