Haru! While crying, Rosa Meldianti prays for Dewi Perssik to find a match soon

Jakarta Previously, Dewi Persik often clashed with her niece, Rosa Meldianti. However, now both are compact and already get along.

While sobbing, Rosa Meldianti also said her prayer for Dewi Perssik. Let’s take a peek at the contents of the prayer below.

Rosa Meldianti’s prayer for Dewi Perssik

Previously, they had fierce clashes, now Dewi Perssik and Rosa Meldianti have gotten along. The woman who is familiarly called Meldi recently revealed her prayer for her aunt.

While crying, Meldi prayed for a good match for Dewi Persik. According to him, his aunt already has all the achievements in the world, and just hasn’t been given a partner who really sincerely loves her.

“I just pray in my heart, O Allah, I hope that what Aunt Dewi wants, whatever happiness that Aunt Dewi wants, hopefully it will be given as soon as possible, if indeed the match is really close, bring it closer, because I want to see Aunt Dewi happy with her partner who really loves Aunt Dewi,” said Rosa Meldianti, reported from the Rumpi Gossip account on July 21, 2023.

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