Happy Asmara’s mother discusses heartache in Denny Caknan’s upload


Jakarta – The marriage of Denny Caknan and Bella Bonita has made Happy Asmara let his ex choose another woman. But there are still many netizens whose language hurts Happy Asmara.

To the extent that Happy Asmara’s mother, Dwi Yuslianti also commented. Come on, take a peek at what the comments are like.

Denny Caknan made an upload to warn netizens who had cornered him about his ex-girlfriend Happy Asmara. In that upload, Denny revealed that his business with Happy had been done well.

Hello chap. Wis coffee rung. I just want to say . My problem is i wis Bar, wis Mlaku do it with urip style, and each other’s character. Ora ono sing ugly,” wrote Dennu Caknan in a post on Instagram.

The singer is also ready to hunt down netizens who have made harsh comments at him and his family.

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