Hanum Mega Dismantles Husband’s Affair Chat, Shah Rukh Khan Ngira Gauri Khan Will Die

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On Wednesday, 28 June 2023, there will be trending news from celebrities. Starting from the issue of the affair of Hanum Mega’s husband, Shah Rukh Khan thought that Gauri Khan would die. What else is there, huh? Let’s take a peek in full below.

1. Hanum Mega is determined to dismantle chat about her husband’s infidelity, the offender gets pregnant and has an abortion?

Hanum Mega

Bad news came from the household of the Hanum Mega program celebrity who suddenly claimed to be a widow after she caught her husband having an affair.

Not only that, Hanum also recklessly dismantled evidence of her husband Achmad Herlambang’s chat with the perpetrator. Curious? Read more here

2. Goosebumps! Shah Rukh Khan Ngira Gauri Khan Will Die Gegara Aryan Khan, Why?

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