Good Touch on NTRL Names


Jakarta – A music group from Indonesia, NTRL, is one of the performers at the Ujung-ujungnya Dangdut Jakarta 2023 festival. Their appearance is quite unique.

This is because the alternative rock band appeared at a dangdut music festival. Check out the full review below.

NTRL Brings a Number of Popular Songs


At the festival which was held at Beach City International Ancol, North Jakarta, NTRL performed a number of their popular songs. Battle of Hearts, I Love U, Rain on My Heart, Sorry. In addition, the band fronted by three people also performed the songs Flying Drowned, Pelangi, and so on.

There were several unique things when NTRL performed at the Ujung-ujungnya Dangdut Jakarta 2023 festival. One of them was when they performed a song called Sorry.

When the song was performed, NTRL personnel tended to invite the audience to sing more. More than that, the drummer, Eno Gitara Ryanto, seemed quiet and didn’t play his instrument.

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