Given the Opportunity to Repent After Being Nicknamed the Queen of Bomseks, Eva Arnaz Expresses Gratitude


Jakarta – Do you still remember senior actress Eva Arnaz? His name, which has crossed the Indonesian entertainment industry with a myriad of works and achievements.

Choosing to cover her genitals and repent, Eva Arnaz admits that she is very grateful. Intrigued by the story? Let’s scroll the article below.

Given Opportunity to Repent

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The owner of the real name Eva Yanthi Arnaz is one of the senior Indonesian artists who is legendary with a number of erotic films that has earned her the nickname ‘Queen Bomsex’.

The ex-wife of Barry Prima apparently chose another path, and was determined to repent at the age of 58 in 2016, to be precise. Deciding to self-reflect on her birthday, Eva Arnaz admits that she will view her life more wisely.

“Because adding age is for me to reduce our age, that our age will be soon. We are in a contract world,” said Eva Arnaz as quoted from, reported on Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

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