Furious! Denny Caknan Strictly Recorded the Names of Haters Who Insulted His Wife and Family

Jakarta – Koplo singer Denny Caknan is now acting decisively on Instagram and TikTok accounts that are trying to tarnish his name and dare to make fun of his wife and family.

The singer of the song ‘Kalih Welasku’ gave a message that he had pocketed a number of accounts and names that were considered too much. Is it true? Let’s take a peek at the article!

Firmly Pocket Haters Accounts

The newly married couple Denny Caknan and Bella Bonita are in the midst of harvesting blasphemy from netizens and many are even trying to delve into their past. It was rumored that he had married suddenly, causing a big question mark, now Denny Caknan is ready to follow up on several accounts that have spread slander against his family.

Through his latest upload on Instagram, the owner of the real name Deni Setiawan emphasized that his silence does not mean that he is silent or does not see all the blasphemy and slander that haters send to his wife and family. To stop this, the singer from Ngawi admitted that he had pocketed some evidence and the names of haters’ accounts that were considered to have exceeded the limit.

Hello chap. Wis coffee rung. I just want to say . My problem is i wis Bar, wis Mlaku do it with urip style, and each other’s character. Ora ono sing ugly. The problem with e Koyo or what, you don’t need to be unclear, you guys. I just want to discuss mbiyen2, I’m annoyed. Ben I ae wing understand,” wrote Denny Caknan

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