Fuji Allegedly Has a New Boyfriend, Thariq Halilintar Gives a Casual Response

Jakarta – After his relationship foundered with Fujianti Utami Putri, Tariq Halilintar still hasn’t found a replacement. He also emphasized this recently after visiting a gadget sales place.

“No, there is no (new boyfriend) yet,” said Tariq Halilintar, reported by IntipSeleb from YouTube Racis Infotainment on Wednesday, 19 July 2023.

Tariq also seemed reluctant to rush to find a replacement for Fuji. Take a peek at the full information below.

Tariq Halilintar is in no hurry to find a partner


Photo : Youtube.com/RCTI ENTERTAINMENT

For Tariq, now, it is better for him to focus on finding rupiah coffers. Regarding matters of marriage, he admits that he is relaxed and only prays that God will give him smoothness.

“I’m not looking for it either, just relax, do the work first, focus on the future, pray that everything goes smoothly,” said Tariq Halilintar.

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