Formerly Cries when Handcuffed, Lina Mukherjee Now Cries Ahead of the Trial of the Case of Religious Blasphemy


Palembang – Previously, Lina Mukherjee had boasted that she was not afraid of being reported to the police because she deliberately made content about eating pork knuckles while reciting bismillah. He even managed to smile happily when handcuffed.

Now, Lina Mukherjee is crying ahead of her first trial. He was even tried alone because his attorney was suddenly absent for no apparent reason. Like what?

Lina Mukherjee cries before trial

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Celebgram and TikToker Lina Mukherjee finally underwent the first trial for the blasphemy case that ensnared her. It all started with the content showing eating pork knuckles even though you are a follower of Islam.

Launching, Lina Mukherjee’s first trial on accusations of blasphemy was held today, Tuesday, July 25 2023 at the Palembang District Court.

Even though previously she had shown a relaxed attitude even when her hands were handcuffed, this time Lina Mukherjee’s tears broke before the start of the first trial.

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