Former Jikustik Vocalist, Brian Prasetyoadi Releases Solo Single ‘Fake Hope’

Jakarta – Brian Prasetyoadi, formerly known as the vocalist of Jikustik, has released a new single entitled ‘Fake Hope’. Brian left the band after 14 years together.

Now, Brian is starting to pursue a career with a new format. Namely as a soloist. Let’s take a peek at what the solo single looks like.

New Singles


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Under the banner of MK Records, Brian introduces his new single entitled ‘False Hope’. This single has been written since 2020.

Brian created this song from the true story of a friend who ended up in the creative process of making the single.

This time the owner of the Instagram account @brianprasetyoadi is trying to translate what his best friend is complaining about. A love story that does not go smoothly.

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