Finally Letting Go of Denny Caknan, Happy Asmara Reveals the Reasons for Breaking Up After a Long Dating


Jakarta – Denny Caknan is now happy with his marriage to Bella Bonita. As a former lover, Happy Asmara admits that he is willing to see Denny Caknan get married.

Now Happy Asmara finally revealed the reason they broke up. Come on, take a peek at the reasons expressed by the artist.


Photo : Instagram/happy_asmara77

The Happy Asmara sword finally spoke about the reason why he and Caknan broke up. He said this happened because he and Caknan were both busy.

So it is difficult for both of them to communicate and meet.

“When I was there, Mas Denny wasn’t there. When Mas Denny was there, I wasn’t there,” Happy Asmara said in his podcast with Melaney Ricardo on YouTube quoted Friday, July 21, 2023.

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