Film Synopsis The Sentinel (2006), Michael Douglas Becomes a Fugitive

United States of America – Here is the synopsis of The Sentinel. The Sentinel is a film that offers action, suspense, and the spread of hoaxes behind the scenes in the world of secret agents. Directed by Clark Johnson, this film stars Michael Douglas as a veteran secret agent.

The Sentinel film premiered in 2006 and became a thrilling action film. Come on, take a peek at the synopsis of The Sentinel!

Synopsis of The Sentinel Movie

The Sentinels
Source: HBO

The Sentinel film begins when Pete Garrison (Michael Douglas), who is tasked with protecting the President, suddenly becomes a fugitive after being accused of being involved in a murder plot. In an effort to clear his name, Pete must uncover the truth while avoiding the pursuit of other agents who are trying to catch him.

David Breckinridge, a young agent played by Kiefer Sutherland, is assigned to investigate the allegations. Although initially doubtful, David soon finds evidence that suggests Pete may be innocent.

However, along the way, David also discovers there are darker truths and conspiracies involving agents within the power circle.

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