Fierce! Andre Taulany and Aldi Taher are competing to become Gemas vice presidential candidates

PeekSeleb – Comedian Andre Taulany admits that he will run for vice president in the 2024 election. Not wanting to lose to Aldi Taher, Andre Taulany makes a big campaign breakthrough.

In fact, the two of them even compactly uploaded campaign posters like teasing each other. Curious, scroll next article!

vice president

Many rows of public figures have chosen to enter politics and run for the 2024 legislative election. Actor and presenter Aldi Taher, who had registered for two parties, felt the same way.

But this time, Dewi Perssik’s ex-husband actually uploaded an odd poster in which he claimed to be running for cawapres (vice presidential candidate) and competing with Andre Taulany.

BISMILLAH INSHA ALLAH ready to advance for YOUNG VAPRES GEMES 2024, INSYA ALLAH AT for WAPRES 2024 (NOT ANDRE TAULANY ),” wrote Aldi Taher, reported on Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

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