‘Fear of Failing Again’ Reveals Denny Caknan’s Reason for Covering His Relationship with Bella Bonita

Jakarta – Dare to go public about his relationship with the beautiful actress Bella Bonita, Denny Caknan has been flooded with support and prayers.

After the rumors of his proposal spread, Denny Caknan explained why he had hidden his love story with Bella. Why? Scroll through the following articles!

Reasons of Silence

Denny Caknan

After his relationship broke down with Happy Asmara, there were rumors that Denny Caknan had arranged marriages with a model in the ‘Kalih Welasku’ series, namely Bella Bonita. Having kept his relationship hidden from the public, the owner of the name Deni Setiawan has now gone public.

The reason Denny chose to keep his relationship with Bella Bonita a secret was simply because he did not want to indulge in something that was uncertain and was afraid of failing again. As we know, previously Denny had dated Happy Asmara until both of them foundered.

Already I have seen a plan for a long time, but I’m afraid to fail again. Since all is near and clear, los dol,” wrote Denny Caknan in the comments column, reported on Thursday, July 6, 2023.

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