Falling Up, Strangling Strongly Ade Permana Overthrows Faizal Lase at One Pride MMA 70

PeekSeleb – Ade Permana again occupies the highest throne in the atomic class. He became a champion again after falling up and down overturning his opponent at One Pride MMA 70.

One Pride MMA 70 presents the main match between Faizal Lase and Ade Permana in a duel for the atomic class championship belt. What fun do they have? Let’s take a peek in full!

Rise Fall Fight


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Faizal Lase’s clash against Ade Permana took place on Saturday 8 July 2023 WIB at Hall A Plaza Festival Kuningan, South Jakarta. Both of them took a swing when the first round bell rang. This situation had lasted up to one minute.

They were very careful about launching attacks. Faizal Lase finally released the first welcome attack. That attack was still able to be anticipated by the Sun Huasong. Faizal then attempted a take down. But again Ade managed to anticipate it. The Cannibals applied pressure by pushing Ade into the ring fence. He even tried to knock his opponent down.

Here the experience of former champions cannot lie. Ade repeatedly fell up and got up even though he was dropped by The Cannibal. Ade Permana then had the opportunity to throw punches on the ground. Faizal Lase stood up, but at the same time Ade Permana launched a series of knee attacks until the first round ended.

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