Fact Check: Crazy! Putri Delina Calls Adzam Not the Son of Sule and Nathalie Holscher, Really?


Jakarta – The relationship between Sule and Nathalie Holscher is still a hot topic of conversation. Most recently, the former DJ asked her ex-husband, Sule, to stop their child, Adzam, monthly.

However, an account appeared saying that Adzam was not the son of Sule and Nathalie Holscher. Like what? Take a peek in full below.

Adzam is called not the son of Sule and Nathalie Holscher

An account on YouTube suddenly created a commotion. Because, in his upload, he pinned a title showing Putri Delina saying that Adzam was not the child of Sule and Nathalie Holscher.

“TODAY || PRINCESS DELINA CALL ADZAM IS NOT THE CHILD OF HIS FATHER SULE AND NATHALIE HOLSCHER UNTIL A DNA TEST,” write the title in the video, quoted from YouTube Artist Mantul, Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

In the same narrative, it is said that Sule had doubts about Adzam because of Nathalie Holscher’s old job as a DJ. But after learning that Adzam is Sule’s son, he raised him together until they divorced.

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