Expressing Freedom, Jian Shuja Releases Single ‘Blue Sky’

Jakarta – Jian Shuja released his debut single entitled ‘Blue Sky’. The virgin who was born in Malang, January 31, 2001 expressed her feelings that she wanted to be free to achieve her dreams and dare to try out the million opportunities that exist, through words that were strung together.

Want to know the story and creative process of the latest single? Come on, take a peek at the full article.

Creative Process


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“You are free, fly as far as you want. Regardless of the fear that makes you doubt,” said Jian Shuja, to reporters.

The process of making ‘Blue Sky’ can be considered quite long. The reason is, Jian had to slowly pursue his journey at the beginning of his musical career. Until finally the story can be a beautiful tone and lyrics.

In the production of this work, Jian is supported by the Production Team from Wahana Production and involves a number of names that are familiar to the Indonesian music industry.

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