EXO Spoiler for Cream Soda Song, Sexy and Vulgar Lyrics?


South Korea – EXO is gearing up for a comeback in a few days, but the group recently became a hot topic after netizens were shocked by the revelation of a piece of Cream Soda’s lyrics. If translated, the lyrics appear to contain sexy and vulgar meanings.

So, what are the lyrics of the song that reap a lot of attention? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Cream Soda Lyrics Spoilers

On July 7, a picture of the lyric page for EXO’s new album began to spread on the internet. In particular, the lyrics for their song ‘Cream Soda’ really caught the eye.

In particular, netizens focused on the first part of the lyrics and couldn’t hide their surprise at how vulgar or sexy the lyrics seemed.

Soft cream that feels like it pops (like soda), the more you mix it, the thicker it gets. Honey, my throat feels like it’s on fire again. It’s a little risky now; I can’t settle for anything else, baby come closer. Explode, it spreads filling in my mouth, (deleted) special I feel for the first time, this provocative tension like a bottle of cola, you pop like a carbonated drink,” the meaning of the lyrics of the song was announced via Koreaboo on Friday, July 7 2023.

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