excited! Evidence of Bobon Santoso Reaching 100 Kg?


Bali – Bobon Santoso’s action showed photos and videos wearing prison clothes from the Bali Province National Narcotics Agency (BNN). He only conveyed an apology and advised him to stay away from drugs.

Following the news, Bobon Santoso even touched on the evidence. What evidence? Take a peek in full!

Bobon Santoso Evidence


Photo : Instagram/bobonsantoso

Through Instagram Story, Bobon Santoso re-uploaded netizen posts on Instagram. Netizens cheered for Bobon, who fell limp when handcuffed by the BNNP Bali,

“The spirit of my fav YouTubers,” wrote the netizen, quoted by IntipSeleb from Instagram Story Bobon Santosos, Sunday, July 16, 2023.

The netizen’s upload was reposted by him. Not only repost, Bobon Santoso also added a surprising statement. Bobon Santoso alluded to 100 kilograms of evidence.

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