excited! Anji Manji concert video reveals the affair


PeekSeleb – Singer Anji Manji has often shared videos related to concerts he has been running recently. But it turns out that one of the videos managed to reveal someone’s affair.

Then what was Anji Manji’s response when he saw the comment? Let’s take a peek at the article.

Affair Revealed

Instagram/ @duniamanji

Photo : Instagram/ @duniamanji

Anji Manji didn’t seem to expect that one of his concert videos revealed an affair. This was known when a netizen sent a message to him.

In the message, netizens said that their girlfriend was in the Anji concert video. However, his girlfriend came with an affair not with him.

My boyfriend Manji was there, watching Manji, but he’s having an affair huf,” wrote netizens to Anji.

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