Excited about Racist to Asians, Jungkook BTS Reveals Reasons for Choosing Latto to Be a Duet Friend

South Korea – On July 19 local time, Jungkook BTS appeared on the American radio show, Elvis Duran Show. The content featuring Jungkook BTS has been released on YouTube right.

One of the interesting things at the event was when Jungkook BTS discussed which artist he wanted to collaborate with and the reason for choosing Latto. Want to know more? Come on, check below!

The reason why Jungkook hooked Latto as his duet partner on Seven’s songngkook

Source: The Elvis Duran Show

When asked who else Jungkook collaborated with, the BTS member answered casually and said ‘according to the situation. Regarding Latto, Jungkook discussed why he chose the rapper. Previously, Latto had caused an uproar among netizens when he found tweets on Twitter that were racist to Asians.

“Depends on the situation. For Latto, one of the producers recommended it for ‘Seven’. His voice is perfect for the song,” said Jungkook BTS on the Elvis Duran Show.

“I don’t have one particular artist that I’m influenced by, but I assume who I collaborate with will depend on each song. It will be great if I get the chance to collaborate with various artists,” he added.

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