Entering the age of 53, Uhm Jung Hwa makes a scene showing off his six-pack stomach

South Korea – Uhm Jung Hwa made a scene from fans to fellow celebrities after showing his curves, especially on the stomach.

At the age of 5, Uhm Jung Hwa is a public figure in Korea who often gets compliments for his youthful appearance. Here’s more through the review below.

Body Goals Uhm Jung Hwa


Photo: umaizing/instagram

Apart from exercising, proportional body shape is also obtained by balancing a healthy diet and lifestyle. Apparently, this was implemented by Uhm Jung Hwa.

Through his personal Instagram account on July 16, Uhm Jung Hwa shared his portrait while in the fitness room.

The drama actor Doctor Cha appears to show his body shape in the form of a checkered or sixpack stomach because he diligently exercises the muscles in the stomach area.

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