Elina Joerg Give news of Deep Grief

Jakarta – The sad news is covering the beautiful actress Elina Joerg after her Mimih left. This was shared directly through Elina’s latest post at the funeral.

Even in the upload, many prayers and support were sent by fellow celebrities via the comments column. Let’s just scroll.

Sad News

The owner’s full name Elina Magdalena Joerg has just shared the sad news of Mimih’s departure forever. In Elina’s latest upload, she looks lethargic while beside her mother eating while her eyes are very puffy.

Goodbye mimihh… yesterday was healthy, suddenly this morning I heard the news that Mimih was gone… God willing, I will be strong and always pray for Mimih,” wrote Elina Joerg, reported on Friday, July 7, 2023.

Calm down, Mimihh, I love you in heaven. Ask for prayers, everyone,” added Elena.

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