Eating Pork Skin Until Many Men Claim to Taste, Lina Mukherjee’s Social Media Account Now Has a Blue Checkmark

Jakarta – TikTok celeb Lina Mukherjee shows off all her blue ticked social media. This happened after the controversy on social media. However, he invites all his followers to blue tick through his admin.

What’s the expression like? Scroll through the article below.

All Social Media Accounts Blue Check

The latest post by the TikTok celebrity, who was rumored to be close to Saipul Jamil, has just shown off all of his social media accounts with blue ticks. It can be seen that there are TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Snackvideo accounts.

Knowing that all of his social media accounts have blue ticks, he also invites all of his followers to follow suit. Lina Mukherjee even pinned her admin number to make it blue tick.

“Cie social media queen tick all. So how come it’s cool that LILU all check? He is my ex, a tick, an insta person, a busy person, and then he disappears with ticks. for the rich, not the poor people, lwlwllwlwlwwwkwkkwkw,” wrote Lina Mukherjee, quoted from her Instagram, Thursday, July 6, 2023.

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