Don’t be afraid of King Hap Hap!

Jakarta – Dewi Perssik and Saipul Jamil have recently been at odds, teasing each other, to the point where they open each other’s disgrace. Saipul Jamil even accused Dewi Perssik of forcing him to have sex even though his ex-wife was menstruating.

Accused of various things by her own ex-husband, Dewi Perssik retaliated by striking. Like what?

Accuses Dewi Perssik of forcing to be served during menstruation

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According to Saipul Jamil’s confession, Dewi Perssik once insisted on being served even though she was on her period.

He claimed to have refused the invitation but because he was constantly forced to finally do it.

“How did we get married almost every night we (had sex). Even when she was menstruating, I was forced to do this, isn’t that crazy?” said Saipul Jamil from @lambe_danu, Friday, 21 July 2023.

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