Disturbed by People Karaoke While Shouting in the Middle of the Night, Julian Jacob is Annoyed Report the Police: 20 Years Like This

Jakarta – Julian Jacob was furious by the actions of the people hanging out in front of his house recently. This is because until midnight, these people are still enjoying karaoke.

Not only singing loudly, they even screamed which of course disturbed the peace. Julian’s frustration peaked when, even though he had already reported to the police, the karaoke action had not stopped. How pissed off Julian Jacob? take a peek below.

Annoyed with Karaoke People Shouting in Front of His House

Julian Jacob

Through his Instagram Story, Julian Jacob expressed his annoyance when there were people hanging out karaoke and screaming starting at 9 pm.

Mirriam Eka’s husband’s annoyance grew even more when it was already midnight, the people were still noisy and disturbing the peace. Especially Julian and his wife who are having a baby.

Julian admits that noisy people like this have existed since he was a child. Even though he was reprimanded, it never had a deterrent effect.

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