Dinda Hauw Creates a Threads Account to Monitor Her Husband, What’s Up?

Jakarta – Dinda Hauw is one of the artists who also follows the current trend by opening a Threads account. The wife of Rey Mbayang also admits that she made the account to monitor her husband.

So, what is the post from Dinda Hauw like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Social media has been stirred up by the presence of an application called Threads. It is known, Threads is an application built by Instagram.

Threads is positioned as an application where people can have real-time public conversations with each other. Threads also help improve Instagram, which is the marquee app in the Meta product suite.

It can be seen that artists are also following this trend by creating accounts on Threads. One of them is with the mother of two children, Dinda Hauw.

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