Dilraba Dilmurat Groped by Fans at the Airport, Agencies Promise Tight Security

China – The Chinese artist Dilraba Dilmurat recently had an unpleasant experience. He was groped by his fans upon arrival at the airport.

Immediately, this earned netizens a disgusted response. Until Dilraba Dilmurat’s agency opened its voice. What did he say? Take a peek in full below.



Photo : 8days

Chinese artist Dilraba Dilmurat does have a well-known beauty. He is one of the Chinese artists whose fame has reached the Hollywood scene.

But unfortunately, sometimes Jackie Chan’s partner doesn’t always get a good experience. Because, recently, he even received inappropriate treatment.

Dilraba Dilmurat was groped by his fans on his arrival at the Airport. He arrived in a sleeveless tank top and white trousers. While walking surrounded by fans, suddenly a hand felt the back and neck of Yang Yang’s colleague.

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