Diagnosed with Tonsillitis, Yeonho VERIVERY Cancels Participation in Fancon in Taiwan

South Korea – K-pop idol Yeonho VERIVERY canceled participating in the fan-concert event in Taiwan which lasted for two days.

Furthermore, the Jellyfish Entertainment agency described the latest condition of Yeonho VERIVERY, who was declared to have tonsillitis. Here’s more through the review below.

Yeonho VERIVERY Cancels From Fancon

Yeonho Verivery

Photo : Yeonho Verivery

VERIVERY held a fancon titled VERIVERY FAN-CONCERT (DREAM SHOP) 2023 in Taipei City, Taiwan on July 22 and 23 2023.

However, upon arriving in Taiwan, Yeonho was announced absent because he was diagnosed with inflammation of the tonsils, which made him cancel his appearance.

After receiving medical treatment, Yeonho VERIVERY is currently focusing on his recovery from the disease.

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