Dharmendra Gets Slapped When Trying to Seduce Kajol’s Mother Even though He Already Has Two Wives

India – Indian artist Dharmendra was apparently slapped by Kajol’s mother, Tanuja when she was teased. This is because he is known to have had two wives who are still in a household relationship together.

This happened when the two worked together in Dulal Guha’s Chand Aur Suraj’s film. What’s the story like? Take a full peek below.

Slapped by Kajol’s mother

the indian express

Photo: the indian express

Kajol’s mother, Tanuja revealed her memories with Dharmendra, a senior Indian artist when working together in the filming of Dulal Guha, Chand Aur Suraj.

The relationship between the two was very good, even Dharmendra introduced his son to Kajol’s mother.

“We are doing the shooting for Chand Aur Suraj’s Dulal Guha film. Dharam and I were drinking buddies and having fun. He even introduced me to his wife, Prakash. Sunny (Deol) was only five years old at the time, while her daughter, Lali, was about six months old,” said Kajol’s mother, quoted from Koimoi, Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

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